Death Notices / Obituaries

With NOLA Media Group’s Obituary listings, loved ones are remembered, funeral service schedules are announced, and a community of readers can follow local death notices. This is where families go to reach a massive audience with important information regarding the passing of a local member of our community.

Users can also sign up for the Daily Obituaries newsletter on, where the obituary notices from The Times-Picayune as well as national obituaries notices from the AP are delivered to your inbox each morning.

Advertisers can also reach those in search of assistance at times of sorrow or in need of pre-planning or funeral related services.

To place a death notice you may call (504) 826-3551, fax (504) 826-3545 or email.

Please include the following information: Your name, phone number and address. If you are a private individual, please include the funeral home name and phone number so that we may verify the death.

The deadline is 12 noon the day prior to publication if a photo will be included or 4 p.m. the preceding day if there is no photo. The text should be sent as a Word document or email and the photo should be sent as a JPEG.

Prepayment is required.

All death notices also appear on and feature Guest Books for comments and condolences.

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