Paper Inserts

In New Orleans, newspapers are the No. 1 medium for cents-off coupons, easily surpassing in-store circulars and coupons and those delivered by mail or email 1.

Cents-off coupons, which discount  the purchase price of an item by a set amount of cents or dollars, are often delivered to consumers in newspaper inserts.

The Times-Picayune distributes both pre-prints – inserts printed by an advertiser or third party – and we-prints – customized inserts that Advance Central Services Louisiana will design and publish directly for the advertiser.  Single sheet options are available in either form.

Saturate the market with home and newsstand delivery of The Times-Picayune on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or target audiences by zone or zip code.  The Times-Picayune makes it easy to get coupons and sale information in the hands of local shoppers.

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  1. Scarborough March 2011- April 2012